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Ex-GOP Congressman Slams Republicans For Tending To ‘Temperamental Child’ Trump And His Conspiracies



Former Republican congressman David Jolly appeared on MSNBC on Thursday where he condemned his former colleagues for choosing to tend to Donald Trump’s conspiracy theories about the election and refusing to admit that Joe Biden won.

“It is time for Republicans and Republican leaders and a large portion of the country to stop treating the 74-year-old man like a temperamental child, because this is no longer a joke,” Jolly said. “This is no longer about Donald Trump — this is about American democracy and about the safety and security of our elections.”

Jolly went on to say that Trump’s effort to contest the election’s result was to be expected, but added that the greater issue at hand is a political party that is “defrauding the American people in real time.”

“This is about a generation of Republican leaders who are committing a fraud upon American democracy, and they deserve the scrutiny and the damnation and the criticism that we are focusing on Donald Trump right now.”

Take a look at his remarks below:

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