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Don Jr. Goes Down In Flames After Attempting To Smear Ana Navarro



Donald Trump Jr

Donald Trump Jr. learned the hard way not to mess with Ana Navarro after attempting to slur the Republican commentator Friday, who had a “false positive” for COVID-19 just moments before Vice President Kamala Harris was to join her on set for an interview on ‘The View’.

Trump Jr. tweeted: “Given the Ana Navarro news, I think it’s time for a national conversation about the dangers of Covid-19 & obesity.”

Navarro fired back with this:

“I don’t have COVID. Fortunately for you, if you want to have a conversation about the effects of obesity on people with COVID, your dad is a phone call away…assuming he answers your calls. Or just ask your sister to call him for you.”

That triple-bank shot should have reminded Trump Jr. of Navarro’s far superior command of the language. But in case his memory is failing — for whatever reason — this is just the latest in a long line of memorable zingers Navarro has delivered at his expense.

Back in 2017, early in the Russia scandal, Navarro said this to CNN’s Don Lemon:

“When I read his statement where he was admitting that he had met with this Russian lawyer for the purpose of receiving information against Hillary Clinton, I thought, ‘My God, this kid was dropped on his head as a child!’ ”

Then there was this time in 2019 when Navarro was filling in on the View, as noted by People Magazine:

“Ana Navarro-Cárdenas, joked at the beginning of this Friday’s episode that she needed to “disinfect” where she was sitting because it was the same spot where Donald Trump Jr. sat the previous day for a contentious joint interview with girlfriend Kimberly Guilfoyle.

Also in 2019, after Don Jr. likened Trump’s border wall to a zoo fence, Navarro had this to say on CNN:

He’s an “entitled, rich, spoiled little brat whose only call to fame is being his daddy’s son.” “[D]addy kept Fredo back home…Who cares what [he] says. I don’t want to talk about that entitled little brat.”

Newsweek reported that Navarro on Saturday tweeted that she was “feeling good” and hoping Friday’s test result was “just an inopportune, very public false positive.” She added: “Please get vaccinated and stay safe folks, so we can beat this damn thing, once and for all.”

Other Twitter users piled on:

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