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Don Jr Buried In Mockery After Attacking FBI For Using ‘Gestapo Tactic’ To Arrest MAGA Rioter



Donald Trump Jr.

Donald Trump Jr triggered an avalanche of mockery after taking to Twitter to complain that MAGA rioter Brandon Straka, who was convicted over his role in the US Capitol riot, was the victim of “Gestapo tactics” by the FBI.

“Our govt, our justice system, and the upper echelons of federal law enforcement are corrupt and broken,” Don, Jr. tweeted on Thursday. “I hate ‘Gestapo Tactic’ analogies, they’re usually wrong & overused, but not sure there’s another word for it!”

In his tweet, Trump Jr. included a clip of Fox News influencer Tucker Carlson’s interview with Straka, who said an FBI SWAT team broke into his house “at the crack of dawn” and took him to jail.

Trump Jr. urged his followers to “watch this and see what they’ve become.”

In the interview, Carlson called Straka’s treatment “absolutely horrific.”

On the day of the insurrection, prosecutors say, Straka stood outside an entrance to the Capitol and urged a crowd of intruders inside, shouting “go, go, go,” and later encouraged rioters to grab a Capitol Police officer’s shield. Of course, that’s a detail that both Carlson and Trump Jr. left out.

But Twitter users were quick to set the record straight while mocking Trump Jr. as well.

“Y’all for gestapo tactics and corruption when police are using it on poor people, liberals, and minorities,” one commented. “Don’t like it when you precious snowflakes get it used on you?”

Others assisted Trump in his search for “another word” for Straka’s treatment.

“Another word for it: Gazpacho,” one tweeted, referring to a misnomer by Republican congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene, who once confused the Nazi police force with a chilled tomato soup.

Other users found it strange that Trump, who frequently boasts about supporting the police, would defend someone who encouraged violence against Capitol Police officers.

“That’s really backing the Blue,” one critic wrote sarcastically.

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