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Jailed GOP Candidate Who Confessed To Killing His Wife Wins Indiana Primary



Andrew Nathan Wilhoite,

Republican Andrew Nathan Wilhoite, of Indiana, who is in prison on charges of murdering his cancer-stricken wife, has won a GOP primary to potentially hold an elected public office, multiple news outlets reported.

Wilhoite, now 40, is charged with murdering his wife Elizabeth “Nikki” Wilhoite, then 41, of Boone County, and dumping her dead body in a nearby creek, after she found out he was cheating on her.

Police said Nikki Wilhoite’s body was retrieved from the creek early Saturday morning and that Andrew Wilhoite is accused of hitting his wife over the head with a blunt object before throwing her in the body of water.

Andrew confessed to police that he hit Nikki in the face with a cement flower pot after she physically attacked him, and admitted that he put her in the back of his truck and threw her in the creek after being unsure what to do when Nikki fell unconscious.

Despite his arrest and confession to the crime, Wilhoite won 21.74 percent of the vote for Clinton Township Board representative, becoming one of three winners in the Republican primary. The twist adds another bizarre wrinkle to a case that has already been marred with ethical conundrums due to the defendant’s mother’s connections to local GOP politics.

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