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Marjorie Taylor Greene Buried In Scorn Over ‘Treasonous’ Tweet On President’s Day



Marjorie Taylor Greene

Georgia Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene is facing widespread condemnation for calling for the U.S. to be separated by red and blue states and for attacking President Joe Biden over his surprise visit to Ukraine as a show of support for the embattled nation amid Russia’s aggression on President’s Day.

“We need a national divorce. We need to separate by red states and blue states and shrink the federal government,” the controversial congresswoman wrote a tweet.

“Everyone I talk to says this. From the sick and disgusting woke culture issues shoved down our throats to the Democrat’s traitorous America Last policies, we are done,” she added.

The United States fought a civil war in the 1860s after a group of southern states tried to secede in an effort to keep the legal enslavement of Black people.

In a separate typo-ridden tweet from the congressional account, Greene called for Biden’s impeachment, referring to him as “a fool” for visiting Ukraine.

“Impeach Biden or give us a national divorce,” wrote Greene. “We don’t pay taxes to fund foreign country’s wars who aren’t even NATO ally’s. We aren’t sending our sons & daughters to dies for foreign borders & foreign “democracy.”

She added: “America is BROKE. Criminals & Cartels reign. And you’re a fool.”

The tweets are the latest in a string of controversial statements from the QAnon-leaning congresswoman.

Naturally, it didn’t take long for Twitter users to point out Greene’s poor grammar and the irony of demanding a “divorce” from Biden.

Greene is rumored to have had multiple affairs while still married before her husband filed for divorce late last year.

See her tweets and some of the reactions below:


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