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Dershowitz Says Warren Criticized His Trump Defense Because ‘She Doesn’t Understand Law’



One of Donald Trump’s defenders in the impeachment trial, Alan Dershowitz, took to Twitter on Tuesday to fire back at Presidential candidate Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) for criticizing his presentation at the trial.

According to Dershowitz, the only reason Warren criticized him was that she doesn’t understand the rule of law.

“Warren doesn’t understand the law,” Dershowitz tweeted. “My former colleague, Senator Warren, claims she could not follow my carefully laid out presentation that everybody else seemed to understand. This says more about Warren than it does about me.”

He continued his attack on Warren with two other tweets:

His response comes after Warren criticized Dershowitz’s presentation as “nonsensical,” saying his presentation did not properly characterize the role of intent in criminal law.

“His characterization of the law simply is unsupported. He is a criminal law professor who stood in the well of the Senate and talked about how law never inquires into intent and that we should not be using the president’s intent as part of understanding impeachment,” Warren told reporters Monday.

“Criminal law is all about intent. Mens rea is the heart of criminal law. That’s the very basis of it. So it makes his whole presentation just nonsensical. I truly could not follow it.”

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