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Democrat Challenges Republican Senators’ Manhood’ For Lacking ‘Spine’ To Convict Trump



Democratic Congresswoman Stacey Plaskett (D- Virgin Islands) on Sunday questioned the “manhood” of Republican senators who couldn’t bring themselves to convict Donald Trump of sedition despite overwhelming evidence of his guilt.

Plaskett, who earlier accused Republicans of lacking “spines” during an interview on CNN’s “State of the Union,” went further on a subsequent appearance on MSNBC.

“Lord, would I have loved to have had [Rep.] Kevin McCarthy come on,” and testify, Plaskett said before slamming the cowardly Republican senators.

“These are not honest people,” she told the MSNBC host. “Kevin McCarthy has changed his story numerous times. Vice President Pence, his own president came after him and tried to assassinate him and we still haven’t heard from him. What does that tell you about their fortitude, their loyalty, not only to the Constitution and the American public but to their own sense of honor and manhood, if I will even put that out there.”

“Okay then,” Capehart replied while laughing.

Watch the video below: