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Conservatives Facing Diminishing Food Supply As Their Boycott Of ‘Woke’ Companies Grows



Conservatives continue to boycott what they call 'woke' companies. (Screengrab)
Conservatives continue to boycott what they call 'woke' companies. (Screengrab)

Once again, we witness the familiar pattern of right-wing movements urging boycotts against brands that demonstrate even a hint of acceptance towards transgender individuals.

The latest target of conservative outrage is Frosted Flakes cereal, following a photograph of their iconic mascot, Tony the Tiger, alongside transgender influencer Dylan Mulvaney at the Tony Awards last Sunday.

Sadly, Mulvaney has previously found herself at the center of far-right controversies. Back in March, she and Bud Light faced backlash over a campaign she participated in with the beer brand. Since then, a wave of right-wing boycotts has ensued.

Conservatives, however, seem to be depleting their options for dining, shopping, and entertainment. Notably, right-wing podcast host Joey Mannarino passionately announced his plan to discard his Frosted Flakes in protest of the association with Mulvaney, vowing to switch to Froot Loops instead. Ironically, he appeared oblivious to the fact that both cereal brands are owned by Kellogg’s, meaning his money would still support the same company.

Chick-fil-A is also facing a boycott due to the mere existence of its H.R. department. Similarly, Cracker Barrel has become an undesirable dining option after expressing support for Pride on social media.

Target, Walmart, and Kohl’s have drawn the ire of right-wingers due to their inclusion of Pride merchandise. Shockingly, Target even received bomb threats. Nike and Adidas are off-limits because they offer trans-inclusive athletic wear. The North Face’s campaign featuring drag queen Pattie Gonia has led conservatives to seek alternative shopping destinations.

The list of brands conservatives need to avoid continues to grow. Patagonia, due to its partnership with Pattie Gonia, should be skipped. Additionally, Ruger, Black Rifle Coffee, Home Depot, and Molson Coors, all committed to diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives, are likely to be abandoned by those on the far right.

As conservative individuals strive to support exclusively non-“woke” businesses, their choices are diminishing by the day.

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