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Conservative Slams ‘Pathetic Loser’ Trump Over His Desperate Attempt To Save His Reelection



Former Sen. Ted Cruz adviser Amanda Carpenter wrote a column for Bulwark on Friday, claiming Donald Trump is a “dead man walking” politically-speaking and that he’s a “pathetic loser” for spreading false conspiracy theories about voter fraud just because he’s being defeated.

Carpenter slammed Trump’s address to the nation on Thursday where he rambled on about voter fraud in states that he had declared a win and ultimately went to Joe Biden.

“On Thursday night, staring down the abyss of defeat, President Trump marched into the White House briefing room and did what he has always done when backed into a corner. He unfurled lies. He claimed everything is ‘rigged’ against him. He inflated his accomplishments to vertiginous heights,” she wrote. “While Trump’s bluster might have been enthralling in the past—or at least hard to look away from, like a car accident—this time, the television lights made his typical bronze glow look like mortuary makeup. He was a political dead man walking. Everyone knew it. Even him. His tone was grave, which only made his lies all the more loathsome.”

Noting an array of baseless claims the president made before the White House press corp, including, “If you count the legal votes, I easily win. If you count the illegal votes, they can try to steal the election from us,” Carpenter said it was a sad spectacle.

“It was all loser talk from a cult leader who would rather force the ending of democracy than face the end that is coming,” she wrote. “We should all remember Trump as he presented himself in this monumental moment. As a babbling, incoherent, conspiracist. Our greatest presidential embarrassment.”

You can read her full column HERE.

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