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Don Jr Also Calls On GOP State Legislators To Overlook Popular Vote And Give Trump The Win



This week, Fox News host Mark Levin took to Twitter to demand Republican legislatures in states such as Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin to overrule what their voters want and put Donald Trump back in the White House.

Just minutes after Levin’s tweet, Donald Trump Jr. shared the same message, retweeting the demand to his own followers.

Mother Jones’ Tim Murphy denounced the idea as an authoritarian idea for trying to steal the election if Biden is declared the winner, and Murphy noted that Donald Trump, Jr. has signed off on Levin’s idea.

Murphy explains: “With Pennsylvania on the verge of flipping into the Democratic column — the remaining uncounted ballots appear to heavily favor Biden — Levin was promoting a legal theory that drew some attention before the election. Because state governments have to formally certify results and then formally send electors to the Electoral College, the Republicans who control the state legislatures of Pennsylvania and several other swing states could, in this theory, simply send their own set of rival electors and force Congress to choose — potentially tipping the election to Trump.”

The Mother Jones reporter also notes that Washington Post columnist Greg Sargent has explained why there are many reasons to be skeptical of such a strategy from a legal and constitutional standpoint.

“Changing the process by which Pennsylvania appoints its electors requires changing Pennsylvania law, which the Democratic governor (Tom Wolf) would veto,” Murphy writes. “If Biden goes on to win enough of the remaining uncalled states, perhaps his sizable Electoral College and popular vote lead will dissuade Republicans from attempting to deploy such chicanery.”

Murphy also points out that Republican Jake Corman, majority leader of the Pennsylvania Senate, “wants nothing to do with” that type of power grab.

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