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Comedian Pranks Moms For Liberty With Shocking Bible Verses



Comedian Walter Masterson trolled the conservative activist group "Moms For Liberty" at a recent school board assembly.
Comedian Walter Masterson trolled the conservative activist group "Moms For Liberty" at a recent school board assembly. (Screenshot)

Comedian Walter Masterson, renowned for his satirical performances on TikTok, trolled Moms for Liberty activists during a recent school board assembly. In a clever twist, Masterson pretended to advocate for the removal of a book filled with explicit content and violence, only to reveal that he was quoting passages from the Bible.

Addressing the audience, Masterson expressed concern about what he referred to as “woke schools” failing to properly educate children. He then presented a book purportedly available to students of all ages in school libraries, describing it as containing overtly sexual acts, violence, and celebrations of mass killings. He proceeded to read select passages, highlighting instances of brutality and disturbing content found in the Bible.

“I’m here today to talk about these woke schools that are failing to educate our children,” said Masterson. “When I look around this room, I don’t see race. I don’t even know what race is. So when you say things like ‘slavery is bad,’ I’m like, bad for who? The Irish?”

“‘The Lord tried to kill Moses, but Zipporah used a sharpened stone and cut off their son’s foreskin and rubbed the bloody ring on Moses’ feet, saying, ‘You are now my bridegroom.’ This made the Lord leave Moses alone,” he continued. “‘If a slaveowner beats a slave, male or female, with a stick so severely that the slave dies immediately, the slaveowner should be punished. However, if the slave survives a day or two, he should get back to work. The slave is the owner’s property. The Lord regretted ever creating human beings, and he was sad. So the Lord said, ‘I will wipe out all the human race off the face of the Earth. And while I’m at it, I’ll kill the livestock and the crawling things too. I’ll even kill all the birds in the sky. I wish I had never created any of them in the first place.'”

Masterson questioned the appropriateness of such material for children, emphasizing the need to focus on subjects like science and math instead.

“Now do you think a child should be reading this book full of sexual violence and genocide? Books don’t belong here at all. Ban this book and let’s focus on science, math, and raising administrators’ pay,” said Masterson.

His appearance at the event is part of Masterson’s series of routines satirizing Republican activists campaigning for book censorship in schools. In a previous instance, he humorously demanded the removal of “The Giving Tree” for allegedly promoting communism and proposed displaying the Declaration of Independence in classrooms as a guide to hidden Templar gold in Bucks County, Pennsylvania.