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Trump Threatens ‘Great Repercussions’ For Biden Over Indictments



Donald Trump threatens Joe Biden over indictments
former president Donald Trump. (Archive)

Donald Trump seemed to issue a veiled threat to President Joe Biden, warning of severe consequences surpassing anything Biden has encountered if he doesn’t drop the indictments faced by Trump.

In a statement posted on his Truth Social platform, Trump accused the President of weaponizing the Department of Justice, likening the situation to tactics employed in Third World countries. He contended that the motivation behind this move was the reluctance of his opponents to face him in an electoral contest.

Trump asserted his lead in the polls and predicted its continuation based on the perceived failures of the Biden Administration. However, he cautioned against the dangerous game of weaponizing justice, hinting at extreme repercussions for Biden and his associates.

“So, now we have reached a point when a President of the United States has WEAPONIZED the Department of Justice as though we were a Third World Country. They don’t want to run against me, and never have,” Trump wrote on his social media platform, Truth Social. “I am leading in the Polls, by a lot, and based on the results of the failed Biden Administration, this will continue. But ‘Justice’ Weaponization is a very dirty game to play, and it can have repercussions far greater than anything that Biden or his Thugs could understand.”

Trump went on to demand the immediate withdrawal of what he labeled as “Fake, Political Indictments” against him, his Republican opposition. The tone escalated further as he approached a direct threat, urging Biden to act before it’s “too late” and describing the situation as a Pandora’s Box with consequences that could unfold in multiple directions.

In a subsequent post, Trump specifically targeted Special Counsel Jack Smith, criticizing him as a “lowlife Prosecutor” orchestrated by those surrounding President Biden. He accused them of attempting to tarnish his reputation for the purpose of election interference and incarceration. Trump also expressed disdain for individuals like Michael Dreeben, whom he claimed was introduced into the mix in hopes of turning the tide due to alleged judicial connections. The ex-president attributed their actions to a supposed “Trump Derangement Syndrome,” emphasizing an unexplained animosity towards him.

“It’s a sad day for America when a lowlife Prosecutor like Deranged Jack Smith, who was put into the position of Special Prosecutor by Lisa Monaco and the other Thugs that surround our incompetent President, Crooked Joe Biden, to sully my reputation for the purpose of Election Interference and ideally, put me in jail,” Trump wrote. “In that regard, they are doing poorly, so they snuck a ‘wired’ D.C. SWAMP Lawyer, Michael Dreeben, who I’ve beaten three times, into their midst, hoping that he can turn things around because of his Judicial ‘connections.’ Dreeben, Monaco, Smith, Weissmann, and all the rest suffer massively from Trump Derangement Syndrome, TDS—In other words, and for reasons unknown, they hate me!”