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‘She Said The Building Was Shaking’: Colorado Man Was On The Phone With His Wife During Miami Building Collapse



Michael Stratton, of Denver, Colorado, was on the phone with his wife, Cassandra, who is one of the 159 people who are missing following a building collapse in Miami this week.

Stratton, a political consultant who worked in the U.S. Senate and served as an appointee in the Carter and Clinton administrations, said he was speaking to his wife on the phone early Thursday morning, around 1:30 a.m.

“She described that the building was shaking and then…the phone went dead,” shared Stratton.

Stratton flew back to Miami after he heard the news of the collapse. He said he is devastated.

“There’s been so much wonderful outreach from people and friends in Colorado and it is carrying me when I have no legs,” shared Stratton. “(Cassandra) is just the most fun full of life person you could ever meet.”

Stratton said he’s grateful for those who have been involved in the search and rescue.

“Miami authorities, first responders, police, EMTs, dog crews are extraordinary people and they’re looking in the middle of a rainstorm and thunderstorm and still trying to recover people who are still in the rubble and debris of the condo,” Stratton said.

Denver Chanel 7 has more in the report below.

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