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Colorado Man Shoots Waffle House Worker For Asking Him To Wear a Face Mask Inside The Restaurant



A man in Aurora, Colorado, has been arrested after shooting a Waffle House employee who asked him to wear a face mask inside the restaurant, local station KDVR-TV reports.

The man, Kelvin Watson, 27, was arrested and charged with attempted murder after the violent dispute last Thursday at the Aurora eatery, where employees told police a waitress had asked him to wear a mask to place a carry-out order, according to the report.

Watson allegedly returned with a mask, which he still was not wearing, and placed a small gun on the counter after he was asked again to wear the face covering.

“I could blow your brains out,” he told a cook, according to witnesses.

Witnesses said Watson returned the following night just after midnight, and the same cook said he would not serve the man — who then slapped the cook across the face.

The cook then ran toward the back of the restaurant, and Watson allegedly shot him in the chest or abdomen outside the Waffle House, police said.

The victim was taken to a hospital and then released later Friday afternoon.