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‘Can You Believe it?’: Trump Is Furious That His Former Press Secretary Won’t Endorse Him: Report



Donald Trump and Sarah Huckabee Sanders

Tensions are steadily escalating between former President Donald Trump and his once-trusted press secretary, Arkansas Governor Sarah Huckabee Sanders (R). The bone of contention appears to be Sanders’ audacious act of remaining neutral in the 2024 presidential primary, which has apparently irked Trump’s inner circle, according to a report from Axios.

Two anonymous sources, who are reportedly familiar with the matter, disclosed to Axios that Sanders had told Trump’s campaign team that she would refrain from making any endorsements until after her initial legislative session.

However, despite the legislative session concluding back in May, Sanders has yet to offer her coveted endorsement, leaving Trump increasingly agitated.

Although Trump previously stated in March that he had never solicited Sanders’ endorsement, he was quick to assert that he had been a major benefactor to her political career because he handpicked Sanders for the role of press secretary and swiftly endorsed her bid for the Arkansas governorship in 2021.

One of Trump’s allies, speaking to Axios on condition of anonymity, characterized the prevailing sentiment as follows: “You should always dance with the person who brought you.” Evidently, Sanders isn’t the only GOP governor catching heat from Trump for neutrality. Other Republican governors have found themselves in hot water with Trump over their neutral stances. In fact, just last week, Trump publicly ripped Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds for committing a similar offense.

The unfolding narrative highlights the paradoxical nature of Trump’s expectations—demanding absolute loyalty while publicly expressing outrage over perceived disloyalty.

Can you believe it? How dare she not shower Trump with unwavering loyalty?

As the Trump circus continues, one can only wonder what further twists and turns lie ahead.


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