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Blast From The Past: ‘Saturday Night Live’ Compares Supreme Court’s Abortion Opinion To 13th Century Laws



SNL abortion

In its latest episode, “Saturday Night Live” opened by tackling the leaked draft from the Supreme Court opinion that shows conservative justices are poised to strike down Roe v. Wade, transporting viewers back to medieval times when “a profound moment of moral clarity, almost a thousand years ago, laid such a clear foundation for what our laws should be in 2022.”

The sketch is set in the interior of a castle featuring cast members James Austin Johnson and Andrew Dismukes and guest host Benedict Cumberbatch dressed in medieval costumes with wigs. The three men began discussing a potential new law they wanted to impose on women.

“While I was cleaning the hole on the side of the castle where we poop and then it falls through the sky into a moat of human feces, I started to think about abortion,” Cumberbatch’s character said. “Don’t you think we ought to make a law against it?”

He said he wanted the law to “stand the test of time so that hundreds and hundreds of years from now they’ll look back and say, ‘no need to update this one at all, they nailed it back in 1235.’”

Watch the SNL’s cold opening below: