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Black Man Dies Imploring ‘I Can’t Breathe’ While Cop Pins His Knee On His Neck



Footage posted on social media this week shows the horrific moment an African American man dies after pleading that he couldn’t breathe while a police officer kept his knee planted on his neck.

According to CBS News, police in Minneapolis on Monday responded to a report of an intoxicated man causing a disturbance.

“Officers were advised that the suspect was sitting on top of a blue car and appeared to be under the influence,” the Minneapolis Police Department said in a statement. “Two officers arrived and located the suspect, a male believed to be in his 40s, in his car. He was ordered to step from his car.”

Video of the incident captured by bystander Darnella Frazier shows that a white officer had pinned the man to the ground and had placed his knee over his neck.

The black man can be heard moaning and telling the officer that he’s having trouble breathing.

“My stomach hurts,” the man said. “My neck hurts. Everything hurts… [I need] water or something. Please. Please. I can’t breathe, officer.”

The police called an ambulance for him, but by the time it arrived, he had not been responsive for several minutes.

As the man lay there motionless, bystanders begged the officers to check his pulse — and the white officer continued to keep his knee on the man’s neck.

The man was pronounced dead on the scene.

Watch the video below.

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