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HHS IG Targeted By Trump Fires Back, Defends Her Report On The Lack Of Pandemic Preparedness: Watch



Christi Grimm, the acting inspector general of the Health and Human Services Department, fired back at Donald Trump on Tuesday by defending her work that pointed out the lack of pandemic preparedness by the administration.

Grimm said during an appearance before the House Committee on Oversight and Reform that her office’s damning report on pandemic preparedness release last month was valuable in helping HHS officials identify problems and deficiencies in their approach.

“The report provided quick and reliable data from the ground,” she said. “HHS, its operating division, is responsible for oversight and support of hospitals… it also shares practical strategies that hospitals reported to us that other hospitals could use of their own response.”

Grimm had released a report earlier this year that documented the lack of preparedness by the Trump administration to tackle the coronavirus pandemic. In the report, Grimm noted that Trump’s lack of preparedness left hospitals scrambling for protective equipment and key supplies. The report also found that many of the supplies that the government was shipping to hospitals were either defective or expired.

Trump publicly attacked Grimm last month after her report dropped and then quickly moved to push her out the door by nominating a new HHS IG.

Take a look at her response in the video clip below:

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