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Arizona Man Arrested After Threatening Black DoorDash Driver At Gunpoint: Watch



A new video has surfaced of a DoorDash delivery driver being held at gunpoint for absolutely no reason.

According to 12News, Valentino Tejeda was arrested after he pulled a gun on 24-year-old Dimitri Mills.

According to the report, Mills was delivering food to a neighbor at Tejeda’s apartment complex when the gun-wielding man made the threats.

“He was like, ‘No, no, no, you’re stalking,’” Mills told the news station, adding that he had never met Tejeda before the incident. Mills’ girlfriend captured the incident on video and also managed to call police.

“I think it was a racial thing,” Mills said. “I don’t think it was mental health because I was telling the guy, ‘Here, dude, this is what’s going on. Calm down, lower your weapon,’ and he’s past that.”

When police arrived, they ordered Tejeda to drop his weapon, which he did. He was booked on charges of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and disorderly conduct involving weapons.

Take a look at the video footage below:

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