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ADMISSION OF GUILT: Twitter Reacts After Trump Sinks Himself While Whining About Mar-a-Lago Raid



Donald Trump Miami Rally

Speaking at a Miami rally on Sunday, Donald Trump appeared to admit his guilt for illegally taking classified documents from the White House to his Mar-a-Lago residence.

The former president railed against the FBI and “the very famous raid on Mar-a-Lago” and “the document-hoax case” before making an unexpected confession.

“No other president has ever done this. Presidents leave. They take things. They take documents. They read them,” Trump told the crowd. “Nobody else has ever gone through this. This is a charade.”

Trump then complained that the raid “violated my Fourth Amendment rights,” which declares that any person’s property that is searched must be approved first.

Of course, Trump is lying. The FBI had the warrant necessary to enter his property signed by a federal judge in Florida.

Trump’s confession prompted a swift reaction from legal experts and critics alike.

“More and more admissions…,” news anchor and legal analyst Katie Phang wrote on Twitter.


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