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‘You’re a Shame’: Army Vet Confronts Marjorie Taylor Greene Over ‘Crazy’ Comment About The US Military



Marjorie Taylor Greene

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene was campaigning in her district on Tuesday when she was confronted by a constituent who said he was ashamed of her “crazy” conduct and disparaging comments about the U.S. military.

The interaction was caught on video by local station WTVC-TV Chattanooga, which reported the exchange between Greene and US Army veteran Alex Boyle, who was critical of the congresswoman’s comments that joining the military is “like throwing your life away.”

“I heard what you said, I read the texts,” he said. “Here’s the problem, you’ve cast disparaging things against the Jewish community, you suggested a space laser.”

“No, sir, I have not,” Greene replied.

“You are disrespecting the United States Congress and you’re a shame,” he said.

“No sir,” she insisted before trying to change the subject. But Boyle, of Chickamauga, pressed on with his argument.

“I’m really, horribly, saddened that the fourteenth district has gone to such craziness,” Boyle said.

He then explained to reporter Bryanna Idzior that he had just cast his primary vote and hoped to see Greene forced into a run-off.

Watch WTVC-TV’s report below: