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‘You Are Not Crazy!’ Tucker Carlson Tells Viewers Before Going On Crazy Rant Against Google Over Advertisers



Right-wing pundit Tucker Carlson, who has seen advertisers flee over his inflammatory attacks on social justice movement Black Lives Matter, reassured his viewers on Tuesday night that they are “not crazy” for continuing watching his Fox News program, just before descending into an unhinged rant against Google for “controlling 70 percent of online advertising.”

Carlson kicked off Tuesday’s show by referencing his lengthy Monday monologue in which he lamented BLM’s rising popularity and influence.

“We told you what the group plans to do with our country when they amassed unprecedented amounts of power,” Carlson declared. “The segment went on for 20 minutes. But in the end, a lot of people saw it.”

After bragging that his show was the most-watched hour on primetime television, Carlson proceeded to claim that “we never talk about ratings and we’re definitely not telling you this to brag about it.” He then addressed his viewers directly.

“The point of telling you this is to remind you that you are not alone,” he said. “You may feel like you are. Suddenly, your opinions qualify as crimes. Dare to say what you think at work and you will be fired in the middle of a recession.”

He insisted that “a lot of Americans” are now staying quiet out of fear of censorship by “big tech companies,” and stated that this was all being done in order to “prevent a consensus from forming that challenges those in charge.”

“But last night’s show suggested they have not yet succeeded, though they are trying. Millions and millions of Americans agree with you,” he continued. “You are not crazy. Your views are not evil. What is happening to this country right now is completely and totally wrong and that will be obvious to everyone someday when our French Revolution has ended.”

Carlson went on to slam Google over revelations that they banned far-right site ZeroHedge from their ad platform over racist content and threatened to do the same to conservative digital outlet The Federalist. (NBC News initially reported that The Federalist was banned as well before Google issued a clarification, prompting NBC to correct and update its report.)

“NBC News decided to use some of Google’s power to shut down a couple of its competitors,” he fumed, taking aim at the NBC News reporter behind the story. “Power is useful for that.”

Carlson wrapped up his tirade by taking aim at a couple of Republicans—Sen. Mike Lee (R-UT) and Rep. Doug Collins (R-GA)—who he feels haven’t done enough to limit Google’s power, calling for both of them to face primary challenges in their next elections.