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‘You Can See It’: Roger Stone Tells MAGA Crowd That There’s a Portal To Hell Above The White House



Roger Stone portal to hell

Infamous GOP dirty trickster and longtime Donald Trump ally Roger Stone told a crowd of MAGA fans on Friday that there is a “visible satanic portal” to hell above the White House that must be closed by prayer.

Stone said that the ‘satanic portal’ appeared after President Joe Biden took office, and so he reached out to conspiracy theorist and ‘prophet’ Robin Bullock to arrange an appearance on ‘Elijah Streams’ so he could share the stunning news and ask the audience for prayers.

In a Friday evening speech in South Carolina, Stone continued to spread his theory and demanded the satanic portal be closed by prayer.

“Yes, ladies and gentlemen, there is a Satanic portal above the White House,” Stone said. “You can see it day and night, it exists, it is real, and it must be closed, and it will be closed by prayer.”

“You can see it on the livestream of the video pointed at the White House,” he insisted. No, it is not an aerostat weather balloon. No, it is not infected light. It is not a reflection. It popped up after Joe Biden became president, and it will be closed before he leaves.” he declared as the crowd cheered.