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Ye Defends Hitler Again, Tells Jewish People To ‘Get Over It’ And ‘Forgive Hitler’



It hasn’t been a week since Ye West praised dictator Adolf Hitler during an interview with Alex Jones. Now, the controversial rapper is urging Jewish people to “forgive Hitler.”

West made an appearance on the alt-right video platform Censored TV and told Proud Boys founder Gavin McInnes that Jewish people need “forgive Hitler.”

The 45-minute episode titled, “Saving Ye,” opens with McInnes spouting off his desire to “prevent Ye West from becoming an antisemite or a nazi” and to “talk him off the ledge.” In the same breath, McInnes voices his hopes to show West that “our problem is liberal elites of all races,” then proceeds to name two black leaders, Kamala Harris and Barack Obama, as a “major problem.”

West, whose face is covered with a mask, begins by boasting that the backlash from his previous interview has been “awesome for a presidential campaign” before blaming Jewish people for Hitler’s “reputation” and comparing abortion to “genocide.” West also reiterates his claims that “Jewish people control the majority of the media, along with banks, along with real estate, along with malls.”

Earlier in the episode, West claims “that there is a collusion of Jewish attorneys and managers and everything else you can think of” that “give America porn.” He also cites his ex-wife, Kim Kardashian, who he claims is used to “sell it.” West – who allegedly used porn to bully and control his staff – comes back to this point later on, saying that porn “destroyed” his family and that women in porn are the “products of pedophilia.” Throwing out female empowerment in favor of body shaming, West adds that women on Instagram “showing their bodies” in their 30s and 40s are freezing their eggs because they haven’t “lived the dream of having a husband and kids.”

At one point, McInnes gives West a hypothetical question. “So you’re president of the United States,” says McInnes. “It’s day one and someone walks in and they go, ‘So what are we going to do about these Jews?’ What do ya say?” West replies, eliciting giggles from Fuentes and McInnes: “Jews should work for Christians. I’ll hire a Jewish person in a second if I knew they weren’t a spy and I could look through their phone.”

West ended the interview with, yet another, controversial answer.

“Jewish people can’t tell me who I can love and who I can’t love,” he continues. “You can’t say, you can’t force your pain on everyone else. Jewish people, forgive Hitler today.”


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