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WSJ: Trump Campaign Orders ‘Trump Branded’ Face Masks To Woo Older Voters Who Are Supporting Biden



Hoping to woo older voters who are particularly vulnerable to COVID-19 — and who are increasingly supporting Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden amid the pandemic, President Donald Trump’s reelection campaign is ordering red “Trump branded” face masks to be handed out free or provided in exchange for a campaign a donation, according to The Wall Street Journal.

The move comes as support for Trump has eroded among seniors. The President trails Joe Biden in polls among older voters, who are paying close attention to his handling of the pandemic—and watching his chaotic press briefings, the newspaper reported.

The masks are an ironic touch, given that the president dismissed the threat of COVID-19 as recently as March. He also doesn’t wear protective masks and has indicated he has no intention of ever wearing one.

Vice President Mike Pence triggered controversy Tuesday when he ignored a Mayo Clinic requirement to wear a mask during a tour of the medical complex. He was the only person in sight without one as he greeted health care workers and at least one patient.

Trump has trailed Biden nationally among voters 65 and older in four national Wall Street Journal/NBC New polls this year. Trump won 52% of those voters against Democratic rival Hillary Clinton in 2016, according to exit polls.

In another bid to woo older voters, Trump’s campaign on Sunday will begin airing a TV ad aimed at beefing up his profile as a fighter against COVID-19.

The Trump campaign did not return a request for comment.