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Wisconsin GOP Justice Who Lost Election Plans To Un-Recuse Himself In Case That Could Purge 200K Voters



Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice Daniel Kelly is what people call a “sore loser.” A new report revealed on Thursday that Kelly, who was soundly defeated by progressive challenger Jill Karofsky in an election earlier this month, plans to un-recuse himself from a case that could disenfranchise thousands of voters.

According to The Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel, Kelly signaled this week that “he would participate in a case over who should remain on Wisconsin’s voter rolls after earlier stepping away from the lawsuit.”

Kelly had initially recused himself from the case because he was up for reelection and removing purging voters at a time when he was about to face an election was a conflict of interest.

But now, a defeated Kelly will still serve until August and plans to take this opportunity to purge voters.

Karofsky earlier this year accused Kelly of signaling to Republicans that he would vote in favor of purging voter rolls if they helped him win his election.

“[Kelly is] basically saying, ‘Look, I’ll be there for you, get me across the finish line on April 7 and I’ll be there for you come November,’” Karofsky said. “It’s not surprising to me at all, and that is corruption in its purest form.”

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