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White Anti-Masker Drags Police Officer With His Truck, Attacks Him With a Hammer, Gets Arrested Unharmed



Minnesota resident Luke Alvin Oeltjenbruns, 61, was arrested Wednesday after he allegedly trapped a police officer’s arm in his truck window while attempting to flee, and then attacking him with the officer’s own rescue hammer, police said.

Authorities said the officer was attempting to stop Oeltjenbruns after he allegedly assaulted an employee with lumber at a Menards home improvement store in Hutchinson in a dispute over wearing a mask.

The officer approached the suspect’s truck and was standing on a running board on the driver’s side when the suspect rolled up the window, trapping the officer’s arm, and drove away with the officer clinging to the vehicle, reaching speeds up to 40 mph.

The officer used his rescue hammer to break the window to free his own arm, but the suspect took the hammer and began striking the officer in the head with it, Hutchinson Police Chief Tom Gifferson said, according to Yahoo News

Oeltjenbruns led officers on a pursuit before stopping. He was arrested and booked him on first-degree assault.

Wath the incident below: