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‘We’re Talking Incarceration’: Legal Analyst Predicts Trump’s Impending Doom in Stormy Daniels Trial Based on Carroll Case



Donald Trump faces potencial incarceration according to legal experts
Donald Trump faces potencial incarceration according to legal experts. (Photo via Archive)

Norm Eisen, a seasoned legal analyst and impeachment lawyer, paints a grim picture as he suggests that the E. Jean Carroll case against Donald Trump may serve as a harbinger of dire consequences in other legal battles. Speaking with CNN’s Jim Acosta on a somber Sunday, Eisen highlighted the Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg’s case, accusing Trump of 34 counts of document falsification linked to hush-money payments to adult film star Stormy Daniels.

The case unfolds against the backdrop of Trump’s desperate attempts to bury his affair with Daniels, triggered by the release of the infamous “Access Hollywood” tape where Trump callously bragged about committing sexual assault. Eisen drew chilling parallels between the Carroll case, characterized by a relentless judge in a civil matter, and Bragg’s election interference case, both navigating a New York jury with an overtly unfavorable disposition towards Trump.

“So, it reminds me — when I look at the E. Jean Carroll case, I say, hey, that’s a civil case, tough judge, same thing with the Bragg election interference,” Eisen said. “New York jury, same. And we saw they did not like Donald Trump. And, same thing with the election interference. Powerful evidence. Donald Trump’s own signature on many of the documents. It’s ominous for him.”

Eisen underscored the ominous weight of the evidence, including Trump’s damning signature on numerous documents, and its potential cataclysmic repercussions for the former president. He hinted at the prospect of convictions in election interference cases, charged under the umbrella of document falsification, leading inexorably to Trump’s incarceration. In a grim acknowledgment of the gravity of the situation, Eisen concurred with Acosta that the “potential is there.”

Recalling Bragg’s ominous assertion that the case transcends mere financial or sexual scandal, focusing instead on a sinister conspiracy to conceal the truth, Eisen highlighted the broader implications of the Stormy Daniels trial, painting a portrait of imminent and severe consequences for Trump.

Watch the segment below via CNN: