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Watergate Lawyer Says It’s Over For Trump:’He Is Guilty Beyond A Reasonable Doubt’



The House Select Committee has finally released its full report on the investigation of the events that transpired at the U.S. Capitol on January 6, 2021. After the release, Watergate lawyers Nick Akerman spoke with CNN about what he had read so far. His conclusion: Donald Trump is guilty beyond a doubt.

He explained to CNN’s Laura Coates that the report walks through the evidence that is admissible in any court “that proves that Donald Trump is guilty of these crimes, beyond a reasonable doubt.”

The piece that he cited is the email from John Eastment which was sent on Dec. 31, 2020, “where he writes to the other lawyers on the team, saying that they are about to file a federal lawsuit in Georgia, but they are concerned, now because they initially filed a lawsuit in Georgia state court. And Donald Trump had submitted a declaration there, basically stating that so many dead people voting, that so many felons voted, and that a certain number of people that don’t even live in the state of Georgia.”

According to Akerman, Trump knew it was all false. The only way they could file a federal suit, however, was by citing the same lies.

“And the concern was, this would come back to bite Donald Trump, because he knew it was false,” he continued. “But what did they do? They still filed that federal lawsuit. Donald Trump swore under oath, that the same facts occurred, but then on top of it all, two days, later Jan. 2, Donald Trump makes this call to Brad Raffensperger, the secretary of state in Georgia, which has, it turns out, Mr. Raffensperger tape-recorded, unbeknownst to Donald Trump. During that call, Donald Trump raised those specific issues. He said to Raffensperger, X number of dead people voted, X number of felons voted, X number of people who didn’t vote in Georgia voted. And Brad Raffensperger took them through point by point, and told him exactly that none of this was true.”

Still, Trump made the same public pronouncements in public the following day, knowing he was lying. Again, he was told that what he said wasn’t true.

“So, you’ve got this evidence, and the same lies that were repeated, in Arizona, the repeated in Wisconsin,” Akerman explained. “When you start to put together this web of evidence, the details, the minute new details that are sprinkled throughout this report, it’s from a case that can be proven beyond a reasonable doubt.”

Take a look at Akerman’s comments in the video clip below:


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