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Watch John Leguizamo Brutally Fact-Check Trump’s Weirdest Lie



Appearing as a guest host on “The Daily Show,” actor John Leguizamo posed one burning question for former president Donald Trump.

“Why are people always in tears around Donald Trump?” the actor asked during his Tuesday night monologue.

Trump often claims people are crying when they come to him, and over the weekend insisted that Ron DeSantis came to him in tears as he sought an endorsement for Florida’s 2018 GOP gubernatorial primary.

But it’s not just DeSantis.

“If you hear enough of his stories, you probably notice that this happens to Trump all the time,” Leguizamo said, then he rolled a supercut of Trump making the claim about a wide range of people.

As the “Daily Show” supercut shows, Trump’s stories ― especially tales involving “tough guys” ― often involve people who were reduced to tears in his presence.

But they’re not always backed by evidence ― such as the time he mentioned that farmers and ranchers wept behind him as he spoke at a 2017 event.

Leguizamo suggested that if they are indeed in tears, it might not be for the reasons Trump believes.

“Is his body odor so strong that people’s eyes just start watering around him?” he asked. “Is he constantly chopping onions? Is he always playing the beginning of ‘Up’ for some reason?”

Watch the video below:

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