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US Olympic Swimmer Identified At MAGA Riot, Calls Grow To Revoke His Medals



More people are now being identified for participating in the failed insurrection that took place at the U.S. Capitol last Wednesday. One of those people is U.S. Olympic Swim Team gold medal winner Klete Keller.

The swimming site SwimSwam posted screenshots of the riots at the U.S. Capitol and identified Keller as a participant.

“At least a dozen people within the sport have identified that individual to SwimSwam as the 6’6″ Olympic gold medalist Klete Keller after reviewing the video and screenshots,” SwimSwam reports. “Keller has deleted all of his social media accounts, but prior to their deletion, he was an outspoken supporter of President Trump.”

“Several former teammates and coaches,” The New York Times adds, “said they recognized Keller in the video because of his size and because he was wearing a U.S. Olympic team jacket that had ‘USA’ printed across the back and down the sleeves. A green face covering hung around his neck, making his face clearly visible.”

Now, there are growing calls for Keller to be revoked of his medals for his participation at the riots.

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