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Twitter Slams Donald Trump For Trying To Drag Obama Into His Ukraine Mess



On Thursday, President Donald Trump tweeted out a series of ranting denials and attacks to defend himself from impeachment, bragging that Rep Adam’s Schiff presentation was “weak” and claiming that former President Barack Obama also withheld funds from Ukraine and other nations.

Trump started off by summarizing claims made by a former Bush administration official on Fox News, and then repeated false claims made by his defense attorneys during the Senate trial.

“In an Impeachment, you can’t use a work of fiction as the theory for the case, filling in gaps with presumptions against the President,” Trump tweeted, paraphrasing former State Department official Robert Charles. “It was a weak presentation, self indulgent, & he didn’t deliver the goods.”

Trump’s attorneys falsely claimed that House Democrats barred Republicans and the president’s legal team from the impeachment inquiry, and the president repeated those claims in his next tweet.

“The Democrat House would not give us lawyers, or not one witness, but now demand that the Republican Senate produce the witnesses that the House never sought, or even asked for?” Trump tweeted. “They had their chance, but pretended to rush. Most unfair & corrupt hearing in Congressional history!”

“No matter what you give to the Radical Left, Do Nothing Democrats, it will never be enough!” he added.

He then made misleading comparisons — addressed by Rep. Adam Schiff during his opening statements — between his freeze on Ukraine aid and previous pauses on foreign aid.

“The Democrats & Shifty Schiff, whose presentation to the Senate was loaded with lies and misrepresentations, are refusing to state that the Obama Administration withheld aid from many countries including Ukraine, Pakistan, Philippines, Egypt, Honduras, & Mexico,” Trump tweeted. “Witch Hunt!”

Twitter users were quick to respond.

Check out some of the responses: