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Twitter Evicted From Building After Not Paying Rent: Report



Elon Musk

Some of Twitter’s international offices are closing down after the tech giant stopped paying its rent on them, according to a company executive.

Sources familiar with the company said that Twitter’s major Singapore office—the company’s headquarters in Asia—was shut down on Wednesday because of non-payment of rent, with Platformer reporter Casey Newton claiming that landlords had “walked employees out of the building.”

Other offices are set to close for the same reason. Around a dozen Twitter workspaces in total are either closing or being in the process of closing, according to reports. The closures are reportedly part of Elon Musk’s uncompromising cost-cutting at Twitter, which has already seen thousands of workers laid off.

The office closures will reportedly see a few hundred more staff dropped from the company’s payroll.

Twitter also faces potential eviction from its San Francisco headquarters for not paying rent, according to a report.