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‘Try Our Pillowy Biscuits’: Hardee’s Trolls ‘Mascot’ Mike Lindell After FBI Seized His Phone At One Of Their Restaurants



Mike Lindell

Restaurant chain Hardee’s is poking fun at MyPillow CEO and conspiracy preacher Mike Lindell after FBI agents seized his phone at one of their restaurants

Lindell, who goes around parroting Trump’s big lie about the 2020 election, revealed on Tuesday that FBI agents surrounded him and seized his phone while he was at a Hardee’s line.

Now, the fast food franchise is using it to gin up some easy publicity o Twitter.

“Now that you know we exist… you should really try our pillowy biscuits,” the official Hardee’s Twitter account posted on Wednesday.

The use of the word “pillowy” is a clear reference to Lindell, who before becoming America’s most infamous 2020 election denier was best known for being a wealthy pillow salesman.

Some of Hardee’s followers replied with memes mocking Lindell for being in potential legal jeopardy.

Check Hardee’s tweet and some of the reactions below.