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Armed MAGA Fanatic Arrested At Dairy Queen, Wanted To Kill Liberals, ‘Restore’ Trump As ‘King’



Dairy Queen

An armed Donald Trump supporter was arrested at a Dairy Queen in Pennsylvania, where he said he wanted to kill Democrats and liberals and told cops he wanted to restore Trump as the “King” of the United States, local station WTAJ-TV reports.

Authorities said that Jan Stawovy, 61, was in possession of loaded firearms at the time of his arrest on multiple felony charges. Several people were inside the fast food restaurant at the time, according to police in Delmont.

Stawovy yelled profanities at officers and called himself a prophet who will “kill all the Democrats because Trump was still president.” He claimed he was “working to restore Trump to President King of the United States,” according to police.

Two other guns were discovered in Stawovy’s vehicle following the arrest, as well as several rounds of ammunition, Delmont Borough Police Chief Timothy Klobucar said.

“I would like to recognize the actions of Ofc. Stull during this incident. Ofc. Stull was on scene within a minute of being dispatched. The suspect exited his vehicle with a loaded firearm in his hands, the chief said.

“The male entered a local business where multiple individuals were inside. Ofc. Stull detained the male and was able to prevent the possibility of a mass casualty incident,” he added.

“I am very fortunate to all of our officers for being professional and dedicated to our community and department,” Klobucar said.

Stawovy was charged with possession of firearms without a license, terroristic threats and disorderly conduct, according to the report.

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