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Trump’s Wild Theory Of How He’ll Be Reinstated As President Baffles NYT Reporter



Donald Trump

Appearing on CNN on Tuesday, New York Times reporter Maggie Haberman told host Wolf Blitzer that former President Donald Trump is still obsessed with being “reinstated” as president, although she was lost for words as she tried to make sense of Trump’s outlandish conspiracy theory.

Haberman said Trump is “laser-focused” on the widely criticized “audits” that his supporters are conducting in numerous swing states. She said Trump believes that America will have no choice but to let him back into the White House once the results of these “audits” are released.

“He continues to believe there will be something that will undo Joe Biden’s win in one of those states that made Joe Biden president,” she said. “That somehow this will either muddy up his victory or that it could end up going to the Supreme Court and then returning the victory to the former president.”

“It’s very, very hard to track the roots of this conspiracy theory and how they suggest it would happen,” Haberman said. “But this is something that the former president has been focussed on for many months. This is not just in the dark recesses of the internet.”

Watch the video below.