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Trump’s Thirst For Power Has Pushed Undecided Voters Towards Biden: GOP Pollster



Anti-Trump Republican pollster Sarah Longwell has been holding a regular focus group with undecided women voters to see how they will be voting as the election nears. After Donald Trump refused to commit to having a peaceful transition of power, many of the voters in the group started leaning towards voting for Joe Biden.

During an appearance on The Bulwark’s “Secret Podcast,” Longwell noted that the main topic of discussion among the women was not about the Supreme Court vacancy, but about Trump’s comments on the peaceful transition of power.

“Multiple people immediately jump in to say that they’re leaning more towards Joe Biden,” Longwell said. “Then it was revealed that the big thing impacting their thinking had nothing to do with the courts — it was Donald Trump’s refusal to state that he would accommodate a peaceful transition of power.”

She went on to say that, while her focus group voters didn’t believe this represented a catastrophic threat to democracy, she nonetheless said they were shocked by his statements.

“He has pushed pretty much half of the undecideds… into Biden leaners,” she said.

Longwell went on to note that during her previous session with the voters, very few of them were committed to one candidate. Yet, this time, more than half the group” said they’d back Biden if the election were held tomorrow.

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