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Trump’s Massive ‘Health Care’ Plan Stunt In ’60 Minutes’ Blows Up In His Face



Shortly after President Donald Trump abruptly ended an interview with “60 minutes”, he posted selected footage of the interview to “stick it to CBS.” But it wasn’t clear how bad the interview really went for Trump.

Now the official 60 Minutes interview has aired on CBS, it’s turned out to be every bit as embarrassing for Trump as we expected it would be.

He spent the time whining about how tough and unfair the questions were, only to get up and walk out, cutting the interview short. But he knew that after he walked off the set, the cameras were still rolling. And so, he went for theatrics.

Seconds later, White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany showed up carrying a massively large book. She told Stahl: “The President wanted me to deliver his health care plan.”

By delivering a huge book that purported to be the President’s (non-existent) health care plan, they thought the visual of McEnany giving Stahl a huge and weighty book on camera would impress voters. Didn’t matter that the book didn’t actually contain any sort of plan to replace the Affordable Care Act. People wouldn’t care about that! They’d remember that massive book!

However, as noted by “60 Minutes” on Twitter, it wasn’t Trump’s health care plan. Because it doesn’t exist. The oversized book was mostly empty and only contained a bunch of “executive orders and congressional initiatives, but no comprehensive healthcare plan.”

The massive book that drastically under-delivers on its promised contents is, actually, a pretty apt metaphor for the entire Trump presidency: empty promises, and that’s what people will remember.