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Trump Will Face Criminal Trial In New York, Former Federal Prosecutor Says



On Friday morning, several news outlets reported that the Manhattan District Attorney has hired an outside prosecutor with expertise in white-collar crime and mob boss trials to help with the criminal case against Donald Trump. later in the day, the office of the District Attorney moved to subpoena a New York City property tax agency as part of its criminal investigation into the Trump organization.

The move is a sign that Trump will definitely stand criminal trial in New York, according to former Assistant U.S. Attorney at the SDNY Richard Signorelli.

Based on the appointment of the new outside prosecutor and the key subpoena in the case, Signorelli believes it’s a “certainty” that the Manhattan District Attorney will bring criminal charges against Donald Trump and others in the Trump Organization and that Trump is going to be indicted and arrested in New York, where he will stand trial.

While he’s unable to predict when Trump will be criminally charged, Signorelli suggested that that the DA will bring some charges sooner than others, due to the statute of limitations.

You can read Richard Signorelli’s entire informative thread here.