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Trump Whines Special Master Is ‘Exceeding His Authority’ By Asking For Evidence To Back Up His Claims



Donald Trump

Donald Trump’s attorneys filed a motion on Wednesday night, accusing special master Raymond Dearie of “exceeding his authority” for demanding that the former president state for the record in court if the Justice Department’s inventory of government documents reclaimed from the Mar-a-Lago search by FBI agents is accurate, a declaration that would force the former President to go on the record in court about his suggestion that the FBI may have planted evidence during the search on August 8.

“Trump’s team argued the court order appointing Dearie made mention only of a declaration from a government official verifying the Justice Department’s search inventory, and that there was no such reference to a declaration from the Trump side,” CNN reported.

The attorneys also claimed that “Dearie is exceeding his authority by asking that the documents from the search be logged in categories more specific than what US District Judge Aileen Cannon, who granted Trump’s request for the review, contemplated in her appointment order,” the network reported.

Trump’s objection to the request comes as Dearie vowed to finalize the document review before December.

It also comes as Trump’s legal team is requesting more time to work due to the sheer volume of documents Trump recovered from Mar-a-Lago —an estimated 11,000, according to CNN.