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Trump Went On A 1AM Twitter Rant Attacking The Republicans Who Released Ad Against Him: ‘They’re All LOSERS!’



During a pandemic, a president should be preoccupied with taking care of the country and its people. But we don’t have an orthodox president. We have a president in the White House that loses his temper any time he receives the slightest bit of criticism.

Trump thought it would be a good idea to go on a Twitter rant at one in the morning against a group of Republicans who released the ad named “Mourning In America,” an ad focused on showing the way Trump has handled the coronavirus pandemic.

Trump tweeted the following:

“A group of RINO Republicans who failed badly 12 years ago, then again 8 years ago, and then got BADLY beaten by me, a political first timer, 4 years ago, have copied (no imagination) the concept of an ad from Ronald Reagan, “Morning in America”, doing everything possible to get even for all of their many failures. You see, these loser types don’t care about 252 new Federal Judges, 2 great Supreme Court Justices, a rebuilt military, a protected 2nd Amendment, biggest EVER Tax & Regulation cuts, and much more. I didn’t use any of them because they don’t know how to win, and their so-called Lincoln Project is a disgrace to Honest Abe. I don’t know what Kellyanne did to her deranged loser of a husband, Moonface, but it must have been really bad. John Weaver lost big for Kasich (to me). Crazed Rick Wilson lost for Evan “McMuffin” McMullin (to me). Steve Schmidt & Reed Galvin lost for John McCain, Romney’s campaign manager (?) lost big to “O”, & Jennifer Horn got thrown out of the New Hampshire Republican Party. They’re all LOSERS, but Abe Lincoln, Republican, is all smiles!”

If you haven’t seen the ad, you can take a look at it below:

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