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Trump Wants To Destroy GOP Officials Who Won’t Back His Voter Fraud Claims



A new report from Politico revealed on Saturday that Donald Trump has bad intentions with Republican officials who have refused to entertain his idea that the election was stolen from him.

According to the report, Trump wants to destroy the career of these GOP officials.

Politico reports that Trump’s main target has been Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger (R), who was described as, “…a fairly conventional Republican who won the job as Georgia’s top election official two years ago running as a rock-ribbed, anti-voter fraud conservative — with Trump’s endorsement.”

Raffensperger, who has already certified Georgia’s election voting totals handing President-elect Joe Biden the state’s Electoral College votes, has been receiving multiple death threats against him and his family after Trump began attacking him on Twitter.

According to the Georgia official, “I am a Republican, and a conservative one. And I believe that I’m going to be disappointed, because I don’t believe that my candidate is going to win. But that said, I want 100 percent of people to have confidence in the results. I’m not gonna like it. And I’m gonna have to take that medicine, just like everyone else in my party will, but it will be an accurate count.”

The report notes that Raffensperger is up for re-election in 2022, and that Trump has been pushing for another Republican to primary him which he fully expects, saying in an interview: “And right now, emotions are pretty high. That’ll be what it is. I’m going to do my job. And my accounting is to the Georgians that put me in office here, and really all Georgians.”

The high-profile Georgia lawmaker is not the only facing Trump’s ire.

According to Al Schmidt, a Republican elections commissioner in Philadelphia threats against him, “started out fairly general in nature. But then regrettably, after the president tweeted my name, there were more of them, and they were far more specific in nature. So, referencing my children, and what they’re going to do to them.”

“It’s not just me, it’s also my staff, the other commissioners,” Schmidt added before adding, “I’m concerned, I would say, for the future of our country in some respects. Obviously, I’m concerned about the party and its future. But just more broadly, the damage that’s being done to our electoral system.”

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