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DOJ Thinks Giuliani’s Voter Fraud Claims Are ‘Crazy’ And Won’t Investigate: Report



The Washington Post reported on Saturday that Department of Justice officials will not entertain Rudy Giuliani’s allegations of voter fraud. They went as far as to calling them “crazy.”

“Privately, Justice Department officials have said they are willing to investigate legitimate claims of vote fraud; Attorney General William P. Barr even loosened some restrictions that might otherwise have discouraged prosecutors from doing so before results are certified,” reported Devlin Barrett and Matt Zapotosky. “But current and former officials said they thought Giuliani’s accusations sounded ‘crazy,’ and they have not seen or heard of any evidence suggesting large-scale fraud, let alone the kind of intercontinental conspiracy described by the president’s lawyer. Like others, they spoke on the condition of anonymity to discuss a politically sensitive matter.”

Giuliani has been making many accusations as to why Donald Trump lost the election, all of them have been false and inaccurate.

“Federal law enforcement officials have also said they want to avoid getting dragged into investigations that lack any reasonable basis of suspicion. In many of the affidavits cited by Giuliani and other Republicans, the assertions amount to ill-defined suspicions and conjecture about what might have happened, not witness accounts of actual misconduct,” said the report. “In a handful of instances, the Justice Department has quietly signaled it is reviewing allegations that have been brought to the department, but even in those instances, federal officials have found little evidence of wrongdoing, people familiar with the matter say.”

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