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Trump Wanted To Have Sex With Michael Cohen’s 15-Year-Old Daughter: Report



A lot of things are coming to light about Donald Trump that we may not have known before. One of those things is that the president had a fetish for his former fixer’s daughter.

Vanity Fair spoke with the daughter of Michael Cohen, Samantha Cohen, who recalled the times spent between her father and Trump.

Samantha touched on an incident that is detailed in Cohen’s new memoir that describes here Trump sexually ogled her — with Cohen standing right there in Trump’s presence.

“That summer day felt like all the others before it, standing alongside Trump outside the pool area, discussing what Cohen writes was ‘some pressing business matter, like the size of the breasts of a woman sunbathing on a lounge chair.’ Somehow Trump’s attention was diverted to another skirt walking off a tennis court. ‘Look at that piece of ass,’ Cohen recalls Trump saying, as he whistled and pointed. ‘I would love some of that.’ It so happened that Trump was referring to Cohen’s then 15-year-old daughter, Samantha,” Vanity Fair’s Emily Jane Fox writes.

When Cohen informed Trump that he was speaking about his daughter, Trump responded, “When did she get so hot?”

“When Samantha reached her dad, Trump asked her for a kiss on the cheek, before inquiring, ‘When did you get such a beautiful figure?’ and warning her that in a few years, he would be dating one of her friends.”

You can read more on the interview HERE.

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