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Don Jr Says Kyle Rittenhouse Killing Two People Is ‘Just A Stupid Thing’ Teens Do



Donald Trump Jr. spoke with Extra this week and came to the defense of accused murderer Kyle Rittenhouse, who shot and killed two people while injuring another in Kenosha, Wisconsin.

According to Trump Jr., the 17-year-old was just doing “a stupid thing.”

“We’re waiting for due process. We’re not jumping to a conclusion,” Trump Jr. said. “If I put myself in [Rittenhouse’s shoes], maybe I shouldn’t have been there. He’s a young kid. I don’t want young kids running around the streets with AR-15s. … Maybe I wouldn’t have put myself in that situation — who knows? We all do stupid things at 17.”

“It’s a little beyond stupid,” host Rachel Lindsay replied.

“Really stupid — fine,” Trump Jr. admitted. “But we all have to let due process play out and let due process take its course.”

Take a look at his remarks below:

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