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Trump Unable To Claim Presidential Immunity As He Faces Sexual Battery Suit Under New ‘Survivors’ Law: Report



Donald Trump

A journalist who claims she was raped by Donald Trump decades ago in a New York department store, has moved to sue him for sexual battery under the state’s new “survivors” law later this year—and her attorneys now want to question Trump under oath, The Daily Beast reports.

In a letter to a New York federal judge that was just made public Tuesday, lawyers representing E. Jean Carroll notified the court that severe legal action was on the horizon.

The issue was brought up in court filings related to Carroll’s current lawsuit against the former president. She sued Trump while he was still at the White House, claiming she was defamed when Trump said the journalist’s revelations in her memoir were lies, adding a piggish line about how “she’s not my type.”

Trump avoided testifying under oath claiming immunity as president. He also managed to employ the Department of Justice to defend him, leaving taxpayers on the hook for what was clearly a personal battle. However, any lawsuit under New York’s rape survivor law would target him directly while he’s no longer in office and has not such protection.

Read it at The Daily Beast.


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