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Trump Threatens A Lot Of ‘Horrible Things For Many People’ Will Happen After Tax Returns Are Made Public



Donald Trump did not seem to like that his tax returns were made public on Friday. The House Ways and Means Committee released the former president’s tax returns between the years of 2015-2020 on Friday.

Trump issued a statement through his spokeswoman Liz Harrington making vague threats against his political enemies.

“The Democrats should have never done it, the Supreme Court should have never approved it, and it’s going to lead to horrible things for so many people,” Trump said in the statement. “The great USA divide will now grow far worse. The radical, left Democrats have weaponized everything, but remember, that is a dangerous two-way street!”

“The ‘Trump’ tax returns once again show how proudly successful I have been and how I have been able to use depreciation and various other tax deductions as an incentive for creating thousands of jobs and magnificent structures and enterprises,” he added.


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