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Trump Supporters Threaten Gov. Brian Kemp’s Wife And Daughters



Pro-Trump groups have issued death threats against Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp’s wife and his three daughters.  The governor and his family have been targeted after he refused President Trump’s request to overturn President-elect Joe Biden’s victory in the state, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports.

In early December, the president asked Kemp over the phone to call a special legislative session aimed at overturning the presidential election results in Georgia. Kemp refused, and Trump in turn attacked the governor in a tweet, calling him a “fool” and a “clown” and said he was “ashamed” for endorsing him in 2018.

Since then, Trump has openly raged against the governor, promoting false claims of election fraud and encourage the Republican legislature to overturn Biden’s victory.

“It has gotten ridiculous — from death threats, bribes from China, the social media posts that my children are getting,” Kemp said according to the report. “We have the ‘no crying in politics rule’ in the Kemp house. But this is stuff that, if I said it, I would be taken to the woodshed and would never see the light of day.”

“I can assure you I can handle myself. And if they’re brave enough to come out from underneath that keyboard or behind it, we can have a little conversation if they would like to,” Kemp added.

“I know [Trump] is frustrated, and I’ve disagreed on things with him before,” the governor said. “Look, at the end of the day, I’ve got to follow the laws and the Constitution and the Constitution of this state,” he concluded.