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Trump Supporters Burn Down And Vandalize Black Family’s Home For Displaying BLM Sign In Their Yard



A family in Texas have fallen victims to a politically-motivated attack after their property was burned and vandalize by supporters of Donald Trump after they displayed a Black Lives Matter sign on their yard.

According to WWLTV, the couple woke up Tuesday morning and found their cars on fire. When the smoke cleared they found the words “Trump 2020” spray-painted in their garage.

“That escalated things quickly,” Jayla Gipson said. “We felt like we were targeted.”

When police questioned Gipson and her partner Charles Crawford about any possible feuds they’re involved in, the only thing they could think of was the fact that they had recently displayed a “Black Lives Matter” sign in their yard, which was vandalized with the same color spray paint that was used on the garage.

“That sign was in my yard for less than two weeks and then all of a sudden we get a tragedy like this,” Gipson said.

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