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Trump Should Be Charged With ‘Second Degree Murder’ For Purposely Downplaying COVID-19 Threat: Ex-Prosecutor



Former federal prosecutor Glenn Kirschner spoke on SiriusXM’s The Dean Obeidallah Show this Thursday and said that Donald Trump should face the consequences for purposely downplaying the dangers of COVID-19 while knowing how deadly the virus is.

It was reported this week that Trump told journalist Bob Woodward that he knew of the dangers of COVID-19 back in February and decided to “downplay” the threat because he didn’t want to cause “panic.”

Kirschner feels as if Trump deserves a prison sentence for what he has done and letting 200,000 people die.

“There are only two elements for second-degree murder. The first is you caused the death of another,” Kirschner said.

“The second element is the intent element,” which he said would “get tricky if we didn’t have Trump’s incriminating admissions.” Kirschner added that in his opinion as a career prosecutor, Trump admitted to “conscious disregard” of the virus’ threat, thus admitting to “second-degree murder” that he “must be held accountable” for.

You can listen to his remarks below:

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